In Pwalugu, a village in northern Ghana, lives Mansah. Mansah is a single mother of three who lives in the village with her family. She must provide for her family daily. Her daily routine consists of going to her small tomato farm and ensuring the conditions are suitable for the growth of the tomatoes. After which she goes to pick up some wood for the fire to cook the evening meal, which is a lengthy and dangerous journey into the bushes in the community.
Mansah’s three children go to the local primary school in the community. After school they help her prepare the night’s meal at home. Due to their financial difficulties, Mansah lives with her children in a small hut where they share one room together as well as make their meals especially when it rains during the day. The fossils from the wood was what she lost her husband to. But due to circumstances beyond her control, she can’t stop using the wood and can only hope such an unfortunate event does not happen again. Help us help others like Mansah, whose lives would be better with a little electricity.